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My mission is not to "work for" an organization, but to have a hand in making it what it is today...and what it will be tomorrow.


I offer employers and employees a vision of staffing focused on initiative, flexibility and employee ownership of their roles.


The complexity of our environments and the rate of change make the concept of “my job” as a static structure obsolete. As an employee I have tasks – a job description – that I am responsible for executing with excellence 100% of the time. But that static description is just the beginning.


I am constantly observing the business and how it’s operating, and asking myself, “What does my department need most from me right now?” and "Where should this role be six months and a year from now, and what do I do today to make that happen?"


I have been a buyer and an IT analyst, but my most significant, lasting contributions arose from asking what the organization’s greatest needs were and then figuring out how I could contribute to fulfilling those needs. My job – the real job for all of us in administration – is “change agent”. Making certain that our role produces better results next year than this year. And repeat.

In what other part of the business do we look at what we can merely get away with? Are we trying to make the bare minimum of a product we can get away selling to customers? Are we looking to do the bare minimum of a job marketing our business? No.

Do better than what you can get away with. Do more than the bare minimum. Don’t wait for the pressure to build. Don’t wait for the requests to mount. The best time to take a step forward is right now.

Quoted from Basecamp doesn’t employ anyone in San Francisco, but now we pay everyone as though all did on

David Hansson

CTO, Basecamp

Creator, Ruby on Rails

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