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I’ve heard “impossible” a lot at work. I don’t believe in impossible – except when we create it by not trying, not believing, not discussing, not proposing, not encouraging. I believe in, promote and work for the idea that almost anything is possible. It is whatever we want it to be and are willing to work for.

About Me

I believe and act on these principles:

  • The job description isn't the objective. It's only the beginning, the baseline, the minimum contribution that the employee should expect of themselves.

  • Priority 1 is executing the job description with excellence, 100% of the time.

  • But the world moves on and changes every day. Our competition moves on. Our customers move on. If we do nothing to respond we fall matter how superb our execution. Managers and staff should all be leaders, not followers, in determining what changes need to occur in our jobs and then be drivers in enacting those changes.

  • Change is the very purpose of work and our identity as employees. Transforming the job description over time to bring more value and produce better results is the only lasting, fundamental contribution. Our duty is to change what is, with care, insight, political astuteness and wisdom, partnering with higher management levels, internal and external clients to deliver greater value and ensure that when we leave an employer they're better positioned for success than when we started.

These ideas are normally thought to be the purview of executive management, or even the C-suite. They're not. They're ideas that everyone can act on and achieve success with.


I have a BA in Film and Photography (proving you don't need a prestigious or even relevant degree to make great contributions) but I knew by second year that motion picture production was not for me. I completed the program nonetheless.


I began assembling my portfolio of administrative skills as an administrative assistant with a student co-op residence in Toronto, a medical start-up in San Diego, and a number of temp assignments. I found a calling when I was posted to a procurement department as a temp receptionist where I began my discovery of the principles I write about. Ten years later I was a senior buyer and Certified Purchasing Manager.


Moving to a small Canadian city to spend time with my aging parents I temped for a government entity in their IT department, becoming an IT analyst for eleven years. The radical change in technical environment from procurement to IT highlighted how much of my success was driven by the soft skills that are an administrative constant and are what this site is about.


Back in California since 2016 I've returned to procurement with leaders in their industries, General Atomics and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Skill Summary

  • Accomplished customer focused procurement professional with experience in procurement negotiation and contract administration aimed at fulfilling client requirements with a high level of satisfaction

  • Proficiency with the full contract lifecycle including needs assessment and RFx development, contract language negotiation and service delivery management

  • Demonstrated independent initiative, creativity and follow-through resulting in significant process improvement achievements

  • Recognized client relationship management (CRM) skills for on-boarding clients traditionally outside the procurement sphere of influence and building positive relationships

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate and lead cross-functional teams to form policy and implement technical systems

  • Demonstrated and awarded teamwork skills to guide, mentor and motivate staff

  • Change agent, always alert for the better way, with the technical, policy, process and diplomatic skills to initiate and carry out change in support of the mission


Certified Purchasing Manager

Institute for Supply Management

Certificate in Contract Management

San Diego State University, San Diego, California

Specialized Certificate in Purchasing

University of California, San Diego, California

Bachelor of Applied Arts (Photographic Arts)

Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario

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