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About This Site

I write because I've seen too many colleagues unhappily convinced they can't change the circumstances of their employment. Stressful workload, dissatisfied clients, and the prevalent idea that "I can't change anything" because “the company's too big and 'they' won't listen to me”.


I've demonstrated that staff can make significant contributions and influence the success of companies. I've done it, from roles that started as a temp receptionist and data entry clerk. I wasn't even on the bottom rung of the ladder! Regardless of role, our corner of the company matters, and if we execute in that corner with excellence, creating better results, we have an effect.


Impossible? No, just challenging. It takes belief, passion and skill, but it’s not about being brilliant. It's about attitude.


As staff and now as management I hope to present admin staff with opportunity – to see things differently, do things differently, get better results, contribute more, improve performance (yours and the organization's), enhance your work environment, enjoy it more and get noticed for what you're bringing to the table.

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